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IMPORTANT Rules & Terms of Service

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Aug 23, 2019
BEERMONEY.GG Forum Rules & Terms of Service

To read our Terms of Service, navigate here.

1. Spam: Is not tolerated on the forum and it will be removed immediately. Sending unsolicited private messages is considered spam. If you continue to spam the forum your account will be banned for life.

*Examples of Spam
  • Short, repetitive, unfounded (meaningless), and off-topic/question to the most suitable answers.
  • Repetitions of already existing answers, unnecessary thanks, empty phrases without justification/proof review announcements, and general low-quality posts.
  • Thx / thank you
  • That's what I've been looking for
  • Cool
2. Plagiarism: This is not tolerated on the site. If you are caught copying and pasting content from another site to the forum you will be banned. The thread will be immediately deleted.

If you find anyone who has committed plagiarism, report the thread immediately. It would be helpful if you can supply a link to the material that was copied.

3. Posting quality: Posts need to fulfill a certain standard:

This is an ENGLISH ONLY forum. We have a friendly and respectful tone. Aggressive, abusive, violent, radical, racist, discriminatory, and otherwise offensive comments are not tolerated. They are strictly prohibited in threads and profile posts as well as avatars and signatures. Every user has to follow the forum rules. When you have an unsolvable problem with another user, you can (in exceptional cases) contact a super moderator or administrator who will try to help to the best of their ability. Generally, you should be able to clear your differences and disputes alone. Registration itself does not have any legal consequences since there are also normal talk areas. Additionally:
  • Make sure your contribution makes sense and fits the topic (explain your opinion).
  • Please use the quote function meaningfully. Quote only the parts to which your contribution relates (no full quotes of long texts).
  • Thx- or thank you posts are prohibited. If you really want to thank somebody, use the like button.
  • Your posts should be about ways of making money online., and they need to offer helpful information.
  • Abusive and/or bad reviews can lead to a review deletion and a warning.
  • Linking to competitor sites is allowed as long as they allow it too.
  • NO DOUBLE POSTS! Use the edit function - it is there for a reason.
4. Duplicate IP Addresses: You may only have one account on this forum from your IP address. Even if there are others who live in the home it is not permitted. Adding duplicate accounts using the same IP address will get you banned from the site.

5. Account Signatures: You are allowed to add your website/ref link to your signature.
  • Allowed is one image with the max size of 468px*60px.
  • Max file size can be up to 200kb.
  • Downloads are not allowed in signatures.
  • Spoilers are also not allowed.
  • Signatures that are violating the rules will be deleted.
  • Repeated violations can draw a temporary or permanent ban from the community.
The following links are not accepted in your signatures
  • Links to porn sites
  • Illegitimate websites
  • Other websites that are not generally socially acceptable
6. Duplicate threads: Only one thread about each earning opportunity is allowed. Therefore, if you wish to write about a paid online opportunity you will need to search the forum to see if it hasn’t been posted already.

7. Posting Referral Links: You are allowed to share your referral links when you post a review in the following sections:
8. Rules for introducing a new program or ways to earn online: There is only one acceptable way to introduce a new money-making opportunity on the forum. You must follow this format:
  • "Example" Review: SCAM or LEGIT?
You will replace the name of your online opportunity where "Example" is now.

9. Rules pertaining to our Credit-based rewards system: Threads and replies MUST follow the forum rules outlined above to be eligible for Credit rewards. In addition to this, posts in the following section are not eligible for Credit-rewards:
Furthermore, you can only be rewarded for 5 posts and 2 threads per hour. Any posts you do after this will not award Credits, so wait one hour for it to reset. For threads, you will also need a minimum of 250 characters to be rewarded, as well as 80 characters for posts.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice. It is the members' duty to check this page from time to time for possible updates to the rules.
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